An Outstanding #KeenanStrong Weekend... Thanks for All Your Support

Thousands of #KeenanStrong supports packed a sun soaked, breezy, briefly raindrop-teased afternoon at German Masonic Park in Tappan, NY yesterday.  What a perfect day in every respect.    

Billy Keenan arrived early for Mass and stayed right through Girsa's set at sundown.   You could hear only the afternoon breeze as the packed park fell silent when Billy spoke.    He thanked his supporters in an inspiring talk after County Executive Ed Day declared yesterday Billy Keenan Day.   Then after a brief shower, Eileen Ivers, Andy Cooney and Celtic Cross led dozens of musicians on the stage to a live performance of Nothing More, the #KeenanStrong anthem.   

#KeenanStrong and the Keenan family would like to thank all of you that supported us so faithfully this weekend... and over the last few months.  Our sponsors made everything possible.  The musicians played their hearts out in the studio and on the #KeenanStrong stages.    All the green-shirt wearing #KeenanStrong volunteers  tirelessly prepared and worked three perfect events which were fabulously attended and successful.

And most of all... thanks to all of you.  You were #KeenanStrong at every turn. You attended the concerts, you bought raffle tickets and participated generously at auctions.   You made big and small donations... you still are donating even this morning.   You bought Billy's new CD Believe.   You prayed and encouraged every step of the way.    

You are #KeenanStrong!