Bidding Details About Incredible #KeenanStrong Live Auction Prizes

We are so lucky to have incredible Live Auction prizes for Sunday's #KeenanStrong - Rocland Event.    

So you all can get as excited about these as we are... and bid intelligently, click below on link to the details about these valuable offerings.  

>> A 3 Hour Private Performance from Padraig Allen & McLean Avenue

>> A Two Week Stay in an Irish Cottage in County Clair

>> A Week Stay in a Luxury Beach Home in Southampton, NY

>> A Week Stay in a Luxury Beach Home in Cape Code, MA

>> A Wee Stay in a Water View Beach Home in Beach Club Villas in South Carolina

Each of these prizes are worth thousands of dollars each...  all donated to #KeenanStrong for Billy and his family.    Take these opportunities seriously and bid with the fact you are making a big difference for the Keenan's in mind.   And also having some great fun for your family or organization.  

Thanks in advance for being active bidders on Sunday.